Spring 2012 Vol. 3 No. 1

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A Generous Donation

The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists of Canada has more than 200 members. Each year the Society holds a meeting bringing together the professionals in this practice to enrich their knowledge with the latest clinical research and updates on research underway.

During these meetings the members participate in a 10 km walk/run for which money is raised collectively. The money is then donated to a local initiative in the city where the meeting is held.

As the meeting in 2011 was held in Vancouver the local Chair of the Gynecologic Tumour Group Dr. Dianne Miller presented the BC/Yukon Womens Cancer Information & Support Alliance a cheque for $1976.

The WCISA has created and distributed a new resource for the newly diagnosed patient with gynecological cancers entitled Taking it Step by Step (2011) and produces this newsletter Abreast & the Rest.

We are very grateful for the donation.

An Incredible Journey

Terri at 31 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Terri at 33 has given away all the vestiges of her life in Vancouver, her job and her apartment and is now travelling around the world.

Terri has a dream (a big hairy audacious one) to show other cancer survivors the healing magic of volunteering.

Her writings are fascinating and she takes you along with her as she goes to cancer centres in China, meets support groups in Vietnam and works with orphans in Kenya.

Go to a Fresh Chapter www.afreshchapter.com and please consider donating to her efforts.

An amazing woman, writer and journey!