Five Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa Before Surgery

Feb 6, 2015

Five Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa Before Surgery

Five Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa Before Surgery

Breast surgery is a widely growing trend and many women are getting to it for ideal breasts. Breast surgery gives you an attractive and beautiful body but before you go for a surgery there are some questions must be answered your surgeon to lower the risks. This article will tell you about five most important questions that you must ask your surgeon before going for a breast surgery in more here!

Recovery Time

Before you go for a breast surgery in Ottawa must ask your surgeon that what the recovery time for the surgery is. Breast surgeons display their advertisements and mention the attractive and good side but what they always skip is the time span in which the patient will get recover after the surgery.

Every surgery takes time to get the patient recovered completely same is the case with breast surgery. Soon after the surgery you might feel some complications and weird pain so consult your surgeon. He will guide you about the special under garments to be worn but the question you have to ask him is how long the pain or swelling last will.

Breast Feeding

Breast augmentation in Ottawa has become a popular and common practice. Women of all ages get the surgery for breasts enlargement and reduction. But those women who feed their children must ask the surgeon before surgery that is it safe to feed their children or not. If they can’t feed their children soon after the surgery then after how long they can continue to feed.

The surgeon may advice you not to feed the children at all or wait for few days. For better results and good health of your child you must follow his advice and wait for the surgery till the time you are supposed to feed your baby.


From the past few years the cost for the cosmetic surgeries including breast augmentation in Ottawa have decreased but still you must ask your surgeon that how much the surgery will cost you at whole.

The average cost for the breast surgery in Ottawa can be $5000 to $10,000 but the cost cannot be same for all the patients. Some patients may need to stay in the hospital for a few more days than the rest or in case of any complications the surgeon may charge you more. So to remove any confusion one must ask the surgeon the final cost for the breast surgery.


In some cases before or after the breast surgery some complication arises. Some patients are allergic to certain medicine while others can’t do much workout. A patient must consult their surgeon and discuss the details before the surgery.

Plastic Surgeon


Everyone wants their surgeries to last for as long as possible. The lifespan of the breast surgery differs in different cases. It can last for a month or year or even more. In few cases the implants break within a few days. The best thing is to discuss with surgeon in detail, that how long will the implants last and how do they break.visit today!

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