Breast augmentation cost in Canada

Dec 6, 2014

Breast augmentation cost in Canada

Breast augmentation cost in Canada

Breast augmentation also called augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical process which results in increasing the size, shape and fullness of a women’s breast. Breast augmentation surgery is becoming a common practice worldwide to increase and reshape the women’s breast. Silicon or saline is inserted under the chest or breast muscle in the surgery which helps getting the desired results. Breast implants were first introduced in 1962.

Breast Augmentation Trend In Canada

Breast augmentation in Canada is a widely growing trend and many women and teenagers underwent the breast augmentation surgery. Breast is one of the most attractive parts of the body of women. All women want to be noticed and wearing a nice dress with an attractive make over is not enough always. A women’s body must be attractive with an ideal weight to be appreciated and look good. All the women and teenage girls who want their body to be perfect go for cosmetic surgery including the breast augmentation. In the year 2013 about 300,000 women and teenagers had breast augmentation surgery in Canada and the ratio increased by 10% in the year 2014 out of which 23,000 got the implants removed as well.see it more from

Breast Augmentation Cost in Canada

In Canada Breast augmentation surgery costs from $5000 to $10,000 approximately. This is a rough estimate that more or less how much the surgery can cost however it depends on the type of implant used, location, doctor and traveling charges. Like all other surgeries the breast augmentation surgery also can be done in low and high rates. The patient may takes two to three weeks for recovery. According to a survey the less you pay for the surgery the less will be lifespan of the implant and the lady will need to get it done again after a particular time.

The average breast augmentation surgery cost which is $5000 to $10,000 can decrease or increase if we include other charges in it.

• Hospital or surgical Facility Fees
• Charges of anesthesia before surgery
• Post- surgery garments
• Medical tests and other charges

Common Implants and Lifespan

Collectively these charges can increase the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Canada. It is also a factor that the more you will pay more you will get. The implant type and material, its lifespan, results, comfort ability all will be more if you chose an expensive surgical package. However according a research even the least costing breast augmentation surgery have no specific lifespan it can last for some years or decades, that depends. Silicone breast implants costs $1000 more than the saline implants.

breast augmentation surgeon

The cost for both varies as the silicone breast implants give you a more natural and fresh look and the material used are expensive as well. Both implants are used largely and have good results but when it comes to the cost saline implants are more affordable and cheap than silicon. The silicone material is approved by FDA and the manufacturers’ sets the price at large, also silicone gel takes more efforts to be handled by breast augmentation surgeon in more!

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